The Archive
The Archive Journal
The Archive is a Clash Royale clan founded by DaDavyMan in August 2021. It is now being led by Sir Snack-a-Lot.
Clan Rules
The Archive is focused on becoming top tier in Clan Wars. It is currently in North America top 1000 Local clans at position 530. To continue the progression, the clan has the following rules regarding clan war participation:
Promotions, demotions, and kicks are done on Mondays by the Leader. The Leader will use the following rules and discretion toward clan member movements. Clan Members who do not meet the following expectations risk their status and / or membership in The Archive.
Members must contribute at least 1200 clan war points to each weekly clan war.
Elders must contribute at least 1600 clan war points to each weekly clan war.
To become an Elder, a Member must be in good standing and have at least 3 weeks of 1600+ clan war points per those 3 weeks.
To maintain being an Elder, they must continue with the 1600+ point requirement week to week.
To be eligible for Co-Leader, the Elder must have 10 weeks of solid 1600+ clan war points and there must be an open Co-Lead position.
There are only 8 Co-Leader positions available. 2 of those positions are permanent Co-Leads.
Once an Elder because eligible, an assessment of the current Co-Leaders' performances will be made. If the potential Co-Leader is better than any of the 6 Co-Leads, then the weakest Co-Lead will be demoted to Elder.
The Archive is intended to be "family friendly." However, given the typical age group that Clash Royale attracts, inappropriate conversations happen from time to time. Depending on the severity of the inappropriateness, the Leader will make a determination as to reprimands which could include a mention, a warning, demotion or being kicked.