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Rolling Your Own: CFQUERY to JSON

CFML - Adobe ColdFusion Mark-Up Language
JSON - JavaScript Object Notation
dual (in query) - Oracle's generic way of returning data without an actual table
cfdump - outputting the contents of a variable in CF
cfScript - ColdFusion's version...

TailWindCSS w/ Angular Setup

Each time I build a new project, I like to try and learn something new. With the DARSI Advanced Reporting (see Installment 1), I learned how to use the Material Node Tree component. The Angular and Material combination have really be working well. But that doesn't me...

A Little Background

A few weeks ago, I began finishing up a project called DARSI - the Disability Accommodation Request Submission Information application. DARSI began as replacement for third party software our Access and Disability Services (ADS) department was using to grant accommodations base...